Christal Clear Training:

Christal Clear Training was founded in 2005 by Christine Hammond in Western Australia. Whilst working within the healthcare industry, she saw a need for quality training that delivered to meet the client’s needs. Christine formed her business focusing on her client’s needs by meeting with them, designing and re-designing workshops and courses. She built a business that was reliable, trustworthy, flexible encompassing her core life values.

Word of mouth referrals from her clients grew the business.

Christine’s daughters; Melanie, Courtney and Britney have all played a role in the family business. They started helping by cleaning mannequins and their involvement grew into creating power points, courses and administration.

In 2015 Christal Clear Training Pty Ltd was formed with Christine’s daughter Melanie Hammond appointed as joint Director and Business Administration Manager.

Christal Clear Training has maintained a strong reputation of delivering quality training within the health industry for over a decade.

From a business idea with one valuable client, to the every growing company that it has evolved into.

Christine, Melanie and the staff of Christal Clear Training all look forward to the next sensational training experiences that are to come.

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